Tuesday 20 August 2019

Our Aims and Objectives...

The aims and objectives of the Advisory Council, which may be fulfilled in any proper manner which this organization considers to be desirable,

necessary or expedient, shall be to protect, promote and further the interests of those persons engaged in the Livestock and Meat Industry in Zimbabwe, to further the promotion and development of a sound, healthy and economically viable Livestock and Meat Industry, and in so doing:
  1. deliberate discuss and recommend on a regular basis to the Agricultural Production and Food Security Task Force or the Minister responsible for Agriculture on Livestock and Meat production, and to monitor implementation of strategies set for increase Livestock Production and improved Meat security;
  2. identify key constraints affecting Livestock and Meat production growth;
  3. recommend methods of improving Livestock and Meat input packages that agro-ecologically and agro-economically suitable to members;
  4. recommend methods of strengthening linkages between Government and the Private Sector in production activities;
  5. recommend measures to promote a balanced and broad based production system;
  6. recommend strategies and instruments to reduce Livestock and Meat product insecurity at national and household levels;
  7. review and recommend ways of improving marketing of Livestock and Meat product by producers with particular reference to smallholder farmers;
  8. recommend methods of maximizing benefits from international and regional trade agreements
  9. identify and recommend linkages with other sectors of the economy to achieve increased Livestock and Meat production and improved food security;
  10. identify and recommend areas for Livestock and Meat investment;
  11. identify and recommend suitable funding arrangements for the Livestock and Meat Industry;
  12. to foster understanding and goodwill between the constituent member organizations, or individual persons who are members of the constituent member organizations and all other persons directly or indirectly interested in Livestock and Meat with a view to facilitating the dissemination of information and ideas on any aspect of Livestock and Meat within and outside Zimbabwe;
  13. to collect, provide and disseminate amongst its members and other persons, advice, information and statistics relating to the Livestock and Meat Industry through the news media or by any member manner;
  14. to recommend, oppose or support any legislation, the introduction of which is likely to affect, beneficially or otherwise, the interests of its member organizations, their members and the Livestock and Meat Industry generally;
  15. to arrange deputations and generally to express the views of those engaged in the Livestock and Meat Industry so as to make better known to Government, its various agencies and to the general public the conditions and difficulties affecting the Livestock and Meat Industry;
  16. to subscribe to, assist, co-operate, affiliate or amalgamate with any association or institution whose objects are in whole or in part similar to those of the Advisory Council and to subscribe to any funds or objects, charitable or otherwise, which may be deemed likely to promote the interest of Livestock and Meat or to benefit participants in the industry;
  17. to advise the Government on the investigation, extension, testing and development of markets both for manufactured and unmanufactured Livestock and Meat products, to encourage, and assist in research on matters relating to Livestock and Meat production and processing;
  18. to promote the export or sales of any Livestock and Meat products by any means, including advertising and market research;
  19. generally to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attachment of the foregoing objectives or any of them or which are calculated, directly or indirectly, to further the overall interests of the Livestock and Meat Industry;
  20. to advise on the promotion of the interests of the Livestock and Meat Industry of Zimbabwe.