Tuesday 20 August 2019

The affairs of the Association are coordinated by a Council elected by members and every effort is made to obtain representation from across the country.

The Council meets monthly and issues facing the industry are tabled and discussed. Representatives from the public sector also attend Council meetings and this interaction with government ensures that the voice of the Zimbabwe Poultry Industry is heard.  Issues of concern that the Council continues to address include:

-   Inputs: shortages and rising costs, especially of maize and soya
-   Imports: impact of uncontrolled poultry meat and eggs import on the local market;
-   Health – prevention of the spread of poultry diseases such as New Castle’s Disease

What does ZPA do and how can ZPA help you?

Services offered by the Association:
-   lobbying on behalf of its members
-   quarterly newsletter
-   information
-   advice
-   advertising among its membership

Membership of the Zimbabwe Poultry Association is voluntary.

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For further information about the Association please contact:
The Secretariat
Zimbabwe Poultry Association

Old Show Office
Exhibition Park
Samora Machel Avenue
Belvedere, Harare
+263 4 756 600, 772 915, 777 391
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